Martial Artist wish z is an Mythic Fire hero based off of wish_z. This hero is considered an Signature and Humanoid hero.

Not to be mistaken with its counterparts, wish z, and Imposter wish z.

Also obtainable through Heroulette, Hero Store and Soul Shop.


help me I'm forced to write lore pages in an underground dungeon help me wish_z doesn't read these anymore please help me Or i will put u in a volcano wish_z.

Summon Dialogue

“Ahhhh I'm on fire please save me ahhhhhh”


Anything with a ⭐ is considered a Hidden Ability.

Blazing Bonfire (100%)

  • Grants all allies Burn III. Which gives them a 25% chance to burn on attack.

Contagious Greed (100%)

  • Grants all allies Money Lover. Which Increases their chance by 25% to get items in battle.

Spontaneous Motivation (4% ⭐️)

  • The first 10 attacks this hero makes increases your team's speed by 3%.

Paid Arson (4% ⭐️)

  • Whenever an enemy becomes burned, they drop a gold bar.

Unavailable Abilities

Candied Fists (Halloween 2020 Event, 20% ⭐️)

  • Whenever this hero attacks an enemy, the enemy has a 30% chance to drop candy.

Base Stats

LVL Health Power Defense Speed
1 375 265 58 3.5


Points Health Power Defense Speed
1 +55 +45 +15 -0.07

Speed caps at 40% of its original value.

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